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When insurance
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Attorneys succeed.

Klotzman Property Damage Law in Hollywood represents property owners throughout South Florida after damage to their home or business. As a policyholder, you pay insurance, trusting that in the case of significant damage, you’ll be adequately compensated to make the necessary repairs to your well-cared-for and hard-earned property. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case…

As your Hollywood Property Damage Attorney, our job is to ensure your insurance company doesn’t take advantage of you by offering a low settlement or denying your claim. We’re your muscle – stepping in to advocate for fair compensation so you can properly restore and repair the damage.


Underpaid Hurricane Irma claim where our client initially received $5,000


Underpaid Hurricane Irma claim for a small condominium complex


Arbitration resulting in full payment of our expert’s estimate


Broken drain line claim which was originally denied by the insurance company.

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We Help Real
Just Like You

Business Owners
Commercial Property

We evaluate your claim to determine if it is covered by your insurance policy.

Save yourself time and energy from Googling and let an experienced Hollywood Property Damage Attorney investigate your claim for you.

We correspond with your insurance company directly.

Our team will take the lead to obtain a quick and hassle-free resolution.

We fight back if your claim is denied or underpaid.

Klotzman Property Damage Law has handled thousands of claims. We know what yours is worth and will work hard so you are fairly compensated.

We call out insurance companies for any Bad Faith actions.

If your insurance company violates its duty of good faith, we will hold them accountable and pursue a claim on your behalf.

When Is It Time to Call a Hollywood Property Damage Attorney?

If you have experienced significant property damage to your Florida home, condo, commercial property, business, or watercraft, it’s time to consult with a Hollywood Property Damage Attorney.

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Professional approach and excellent service. Provided excellent follow-up on my case. My case was handled professionally and the end result exceeded my expectations.

- John

I’m very satisfied with the help I received. Hurricane Michael changed my family’s life forever. This office helped me fight for the benefits my children and I were untitled to, to rebuild and restore our home.

- Holly

They are great. We refer all of our customers to them for any insurance claims. Amazing staff!!!

- Kim

Such an amazing experience! Their office handled everything for us. Thank you!

- Lauren

Awesome service! You can really count on them. 🙂

- Andrea

Why Work
with Us?

We’re at the top of our field.

Our Hollywood Property Damage Attorney team is professional, efficient, and driven. We’re movers and shakers in the Florida insurance litigation industry.

We love where we live.

Every day we dare to be difference-makers in the community we call home by contributing to rebuilding and restoration efforts throughout South Florida.

If there’s no recovery, there’s no fee.

We operate on a contingency fee basis. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid, so you have nothing to lose by calling for a FREE consultation.

We value the benefits of connecting virtually.

Klotzman Property Damage Law was a tech-savvy team before it was the norm. We can meet via phone or video conference for your convenience.

We’re skilled at the game and masters of the rules.

We know the insurance industry because we are former insurance lawyers. We know the opponent’s playbook, but now we work for you.

Impactful work drives us.

Just about everyone is an insurance policyholder, and if you’re here, you are likely in the midst of a crisis. The core of our role is to make your life easier, and that’s a job we take seriously.