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Hollywood Boating Insurance Lawyer For Yacht and Boat Damage

In Florida, there are almost a million boats registered. Experienced boat owners know that boating insurance is different from the kind of auto or homeowner’s insurance that most of us are familiar with. Proper insurance coverage for boats requires a comprehensive policy that covers the boat itself, the people who ride in the boat, and the other boats and their passengers who share Florida’s waterways. If you own a boat or yacht, let a Hollywood Boating Insurance Attorney help you understand boating insurance and fight for your just financial compensation if you need to file a claim. 

Our experienced attorneys understand that insurance companies are just like any other business: their purpose is to make money. One of the ways they make money is by finding ways to deny, delay, or undervalue your claim. We won’t let that happen.

Do You Have a Florida Boat Damage Insurance Claim?

Like all insurance policies, the coverage you carry for damage to your yacht or boat is complex and difficult to understand, especially when you need to file a claim. Boat insurance policies come in a wide variety of types, each with different coverages and coverage amounts. Your homeowner’s policy or auto insurance policy may also come into play. The way your coverage works commonly depends on factors including:

  • Type of Boat. Don’t assume that your homeowner’s or auto insurance will cover your boat, and be sure to check this out before boating. Unless you have a separate policy that specifically covers your personal boat, expects to see limits on your boat’s length, engine size, type of boat, and more. Don’t wait until you need to file a claim before making sure your coverage actually covers your craft.
  • What Happened. Boating insurance policies cover a wide range of damage, but also likely include important exclusions, such as hail or fire. Be sure you’re aware of the exact types of coverage your policy provides.
  • Where The Boat Is. Most boating policies limit where your boat is covered. For example, it may matter if your boat is in a marina or traveling in international waters.
  • How The Boat is Stored. Insurance policies commonly exclude weather damage to boats that are kept outside of a covered bay when not being used, hoping you simply won’t notice. 

These are the kind of details that most boat owners aren’t aware of until it’s too late. Know your policy, discuss each term with your agent so you understand exactly what’s covered, and request changes as you see fit.

Types of Yacht and Boat Damage Claims

Our office sees yacht and boat claims related to the following: 

  • Sinking of the vessel or part of the vessel that damages the engine, electrical writing, hull, or interior
  • Damage due to an accident with another boat, or marine marker 
  • Fuel spills
  • Damage to do severe weather like a lightning strike or hurricane
  • Wrongful denial of boat insurance coverage

How a Hollywood Boating Insurance Lawyer Can Help

After the damage to your boat or yacht, we work with you to determine your options based on your insurance coverage. We will work through a process that includes phases for the following: 

  • Investigation – We will compile evidence about the events leading up to the damage and review your insurance coverage.
  • Negotiation – We act as the main point of contact with your insurance company and work with them to resolve your case for maximum compensation. 
  • Litigation – Sometimes settlement negotiations are unsuccessful and if that’s the case, we will bring your case to court to ensure you are compensated fairly.

Speak with a Hollywood Boating Insurance Attorney Today

Boat insurance policies are good examples of what’s unfair in insurance. These policies can be riddled with exceptions to the extent that they have very little actual value. Your insurance company is counting on you to simply glance at your policy and get started having fun on the water. Don’t let them do this to you. A Hollywood Boating Insurance Attorney at Klotzman Property Damage Law can help when your insurance company tries to deny, delay, or undervalue your claim. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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