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Theft and Vandalism Property Claim Attorney

Theft and vandalism damages to property can be quite substantial. Valuable items, like jewelry and electronics, are often targeted, and random destruction and vandalism, like spray-painting walls or ripping up furniture, can also be rendered unusable.

Still, theft and vandalism has costs that can be difficult to translate into dollar amounts, like the theft of a family heirloom or the destruction of generational antiques. Theft and vandalism can also carry substantial stress, anxiety, and fear that you may not be safe even in your own home.

Every lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law understands how difficult claims for theft and vandalism can be, often carrying the kind of emotional damage you don’t necessarily experience from other types of damage claims, and also involving criminal investigations that take up more of your valuable time. We can help.

About Florida Property Theft and Vandalism Claims

Theft and vandalism insurance claims are like other claims in that your insurance company will require you to fill out mountains of paperwork and will often work hard to find ways to delay, deny, or undervalue your claim. They will not pay out damages that are difficult to quantify voluntarily, and aften don’t care very much about the difficulties you’re experiencing.

These are just a few of the reasons it’s critical to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. We’ll conduct our own investigation into your damages and be sure that you recover every dollar you’re entitled to, and we’ll represent you to the insurance company and handle your claims so that you can focus on your family, your recovery, and any police investigation.

What Do I Do If My Theft Insurance Claim is Denied?

More often than you would think, insurance companies commonly deny theft and/or vandalism claims automatically. They have an obligation to provide a written justification, but often won’t even do that unless you assert your rights. We can handle your claim from the beginning, but even if you’re well into the process, we can step in at any time. We’ll fight against any denial, and make sure your insurance company is not delaying or undervaluing your claim if it wasn’t denied outright.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me Recover My Losses?

Your insurance company will treat your claim differently if they know a lawyer is handling your claim. We work with a team of experts to investigate your damages, calculate the entire amount of financial compensation you’re entitled to, negotiate for a favorable settlement, and take your claim to court if your insurance company refuses to settle your claim fairly.

Get Answers Today: Speak with Klotzman Property Damage Law Today

Theft and vandalism are intrusive and illegal behaviors that can affect you and your family both financially and emotionally. The last thing you need, but often the first thing you have to deal with, is an insurance company that is denying, delaying, or undervaluing your rightful claim. A lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law will fight for you and make sure you receive all of the financial compensation you need to help put your life back together. Contact us online today to get started at our Hollywood Office.

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