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Thu 16 Apr, 2020 General

COVID-19 Business Interruption


Covid-19 has caused tremendous impact on business owners.

If you have had coronavirus business closure or change in operations, it’s important to act as quickly as possible.

The Law Offices of Scott Klotzman, P.A. know business interruption coverage can be complicated to understand, so let us support you & review your policy! Our Florida insurance law attorneys can help you explore your legal options and negotiate on a claim with our expertise.


While social distancing and forced business closures may be important to preserve public health, there’s no doubt that these strategies hurt businesses of any size. At this uncertain time in our country, we are offering a free review of insurance policies for businesses that have been closed or damaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Property damage relates to the ability for commercial policyholders to claim damages under their insurance policies for loss of use of the intended business, loss of income during this worldwide pandemic, and any extra costs as it relates to this loss, for example if you are an essential business staying open and have extra costs for different and more significant cleaning and staff protocol and safety equipment – those are business losses.*

If your business has sustained losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic and you have questions about your rights or coverage under an insurance policy, call us today at. We are passionate about helping Florida small and large business owners to pursue fair compensation after suffering losses during COVID-19.

*Florida Bar Association


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