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Work with a Hollywood Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

Insurance policies exist to provide you peace of mind that no catastrophic costs will be personally incurred as the result of any covered incident. You pay your premiums, and in return expect to receive the benefits you’ve paid for when you need them. If you are faced with an insurance company’s denial, undervalued settlement offer, or claim mismanagement, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. A Hollywood Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer can help.

If your insurance company isn’t negotiating in good faith, contact a Hollywood Insurance Bad Faith Attorney at Klotzman Property Damage Law. We understand how insurance negotiations should work and will help you navigate this complex area of the law while fighting for you to recover the full value of any claim that your premiums have bought.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Bad faith refers to an intentionally dishonest act of not fulfilling legal or contractual obligations or misleading another. In the insurance arena, bad faith occurs when an insurance company denies or undervalues a valid claim in order to generate more profits. Other bad faith insurance practices can be classified by type of insurance claim.

First-Party Claims

Insurance companies may have bad faith responses to your insurance claim, including:

  • Unreasonable denial of a valid claim
  • An undue delay in processing a claim
  • A failure to properly investigate a claim
  • A failure to adequately explain any claim denial
  • Paying out less than full benefits
  • Demanding an unusually low settlement amount

Third-Party Bad Faith Claims

Aside from acting in good faith in paying out your claims, insurance companies are also obliged to protect you against third-party claims. For example, if you are sued by another person for personal injury or property damages as the result of an accident that you are suspected of causing. Bad faith third-party claim practices may include failing to defend you against third-party claims or failure to pay for legal defense costs.

How Can an Attorney Help Me Recover Compensation for Bad Faith Insurance Practices?

First, be aware that homeowner’s insurance company employees often disguise their bad faith actions by acting polite and friendly, seeking to lull you into trusting them. They may be counting on creating a relationship with you such that you’re thinking, “they’re so polite, they would never do anything bad to me.”>

Nonetheless, if an insurance company acts in bad faith while managing your claim, you may be able to negotiate a fair settlement through a written demand letter. It’s common for an insurance company to quickly change its tune when they hear the words “bad faith.” 

When you suspect bad faith actions, it can help your chance of success when you have a Hollywood Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer on your side. Our legal team has a great deal of experience in drafting demand letters of all sorts, and your insurance company will be much more likely to take your demands seriously if those demands are coming from our office.

If a demand letter is ineffective, however, you are entitled to file a legal claim. We will help you recover damages for breach of contract, which can include the policy benefits as well as interest. You may also be able to recover bad faith damages, such as economic losses, legal fees, and even punitive damages in certain circumstances, such as when the insurance company acted with wilful fraud or malice.

Contact a Hollywood Insurance Bad Faith Attorney if You Suspect Insurance Company, Bad Faith

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to act in bad faith. They can only do this if you allow them to. If you suspect your insurance company is acting in bad faith, contact a Hollywood Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law to schedule a free consultation to learn about your legal options.

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