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Speak with a Hollywood Fire Damage Lawyer After an Accident

Fires in and around your property can cause many different types of damage, in many different ways, with many different parties potentially responsible. Even small fires can cause extensive smoke damage. If your property in Florida has been damaged by fire, let an experienced Hollywood Fire Damage Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law help. Our team has one focus: recovering maximum financial compensation for our clients after property damage, including  fire damage.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Fires to Florida Properties?

The are countless ways in which a property fire can get started, but some of the most common fire hazards facing Florida homeowners include: 

  • Negligence, including unattended candles, improperly extinguished cigarettes, trash burning, stoves left on, or even campfires
  • Electrical fires caused by faulty electrical wiring or misuse of outlets
  • Chimney fires
  • Furnace or water heater fires caused by faulty installation, faulty repair, or deficient maintenance
  • Gas or explosion fires caused by faulty gas lines or gas line leaks
  • Chemical fires, often due to improper chemical storage
  • Product fires caused by defective appliances, power tools, or cell phones
  • Arson
  • Wildfires

Determining Liability After a Fire

Determining liability after a fire can become quite complex for inexperienced victims. If a fire is a result of lightning, a wildfire, or some other type of natural event, it is simply an accident. However, if a defective product caused the fire, you may be able to hold the manufacturer or any entity within the distribution chain liable. Additionally, if professionals installed faulty electrical wiring, you may have a claim against the installers or their company.

Nonetheless, in most cases, you’re dealing with an insurance company for compensation for losses due to property fires. If an insurance company fails to fairly compensate a property owner in a timely fashion, the property owner may also hold the insurance company liable and may even be awarded punitive damages under certain circumstances. 

Fire Damage Compensation Available When You Work with a Hollywood Fire Damage Lawyer

Not surprisingly, the quality of your fire damage compensation depends on the quality of your property owner’s insurance and the experience and skills of your attorneys. Your best bet is a two-prong approach:

  1. Let the experienced Hollywood Fire Damage Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law advise you on what type of coverage provides the most coverage in your budget range, and 
  2. Let them help you hold your insurance company accountable when a claim is necessary for fire damage compensation.

High-end fire insurance coverage should include something close to:

  • Electronics and Appliances Coverage. Modern fire damage coverage should include the cost of repair or replacement of anything that uses electric power, such as HVAC equipment, water heaters, appliances, TVs, electronics, and more.
  • Enhanced Rebuilding Coverage. You’d like to have a policy that provides a 25% increase in rebuilding coverage in the event of labor and/or material pricing fluctuations that may occur after a catastrophic fire.
  • Home Office and Computers. You’d also like to see a four times or higher coverage limit than traditional policies for computers and home office equipment, as these prices are constantly rising.
  • Gas, Water, and Sewer Line Coverage. You should have protection for the gas, water, and sewer connections between your house and the street level services.
  • House Sitters and Cleaners. Your coverage should include coverage for house cleaners, babysitters and the other essential skilled professionals who help run your home.
    Full Replacement Value. Perhaps most importantly of all, you should have protection for all items at their replacement value at the time of the fire rather than their depreciated value.

What Do I Need to Know After a Fire Has Damaged My Home or Business?

Fires that cause damage but do not completely destroy a structure create a number of insurance claim issues. Often referred to as “partial losses,” some things to look out out for include:

  • Hidden damage, such as smoke, ash, water, mold, air quality, and various duct damage,
  • Inadequate cleaning and repairing, or repairing when an item should be replaced,
  • Delays caused by insurance adjuster priorities, and
  • Inconsistent appearances; i.e., repairs should return your property to a uniform and consistent appearance even if that means replacing undamaged items.

Whenever your property is damaged, via fire or otherwise, there are few basic steps to follow that will help your fire damage attorney:

  • To help support your damages, find pictures or video of your property before the fire damage, and then take pictures or video of your property after the fire damage,
  • Create a detailed list of all of your damaged property,
  • Study and learn the insurance terminology and the terms of art, and
  • Get your claim filed as soon as you can.

A Hollywood Fire Damage Lawyer Can Help You With Your Claim

Fire damage claims are difficult because of the “hidden” damage. Nonetheless, it can be discovered if you know how and where to look. A Hollywood Fire Damage Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law can help you discover and recover all of the property that was damaged or destroyed by the fire.

We have a same-day return calls and emails policy, and a multilingual staff. There is no risk for you to call and learn about your options because we operate on a contingency basis. We will help you get through this difficult time as efficiently as possible. Contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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