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What You Can Expect at Klotzman Property Damage Law

At Klotzman Property Damage Law we are industry leaders in how we do business. The insurance game might be old and stodgy, but we work hard to break the mold.

We’re chill, but high-performing. We’re fun, but have high expectations. We’re modern in every way but value the occasional nod to traditionalism. 

Our people have one thing in common: a respect for the client above anything else. Our practice is centered on the people we help and that focus on individuality carries into our approach to hiring talented people to grow our business, expand our reach, and improve our services.

We want movers and shakers. We want men and women who are invested in doing the job well. We want community partners. 

What We Do, We Do Well

Klotzman Property Damage Law is based in Hollywood, Florida. We leverage technology and our mutual brainpower to consistently deliver big-firm results for property owners with extensive damage. 

We specialize in commercial, condo, home and yacht property damage claims. We evaluate claims of water, flood, mold, fire, and storm damage. We have a team of professionals working behind the scenes to make big things happen. 

Come As You Are

This isn’t your traditional diversity and inclusion statement. We value every human for their uniqueness. We don’t care who you love, where you are from or what you believe in. You are powerful and deserving just the way you are. Klotzman Property Damage Law is an equal opportunity employer.

Your sense of belonging is important and we work hard to make sure our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity is more than just words on our website. Experience what it feels like to be part of a culture that is woke.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for talented legal staff, paralegals, and attorneys with varying levels of experience and a commitment to meaningfully contribute to a team. 

If you believe you would thrive at Klotzman Property Damage Law we invite you to send your resume to Please, no phone calls.