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Living in a condominium is different from living in a typical single-family dwelling. You’re living closer to your neighbors and sharing common property. Nonetheless, you’ll still likely need to become part of a Homeowner’s Association (“HOA”), or a Property Owners Association (“POA”) or, for condos, a Condo Owner’s Association (“COA”), and will still have to abide by the covenants and rules set out in your purchasing paperwork. When there is damage to your condo property, filing a condo property insurance claim gets complicated quickly, but our Hollywood Condo Property Damage Lawyer team is here to assist. 

Each state has its own specific laws that govern the rights of condo owners. There are also rules set out by your county, municipality, and/or COA, as well as other local laws, all of which may affect how you file your claim.

In Florida, if you believe your claim was unfairly denied, or if there is a dispute regarding your condo insurance claim, a Hollywood Condo Property Damage Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law will help you make sure you’re being paid a fair settlement for any losses you incur.

Hollywood Condo Property Damage Lawyer Explains the Claims Process

When there is damage or loss of property and an insurance claim is filed, the first step is usually taken by the COA, which tries to decide if the damage involves shared community areas or if it is confined to an individual condo’s property.

How the damage is covered depends on where and how bad the damage is. Typically, damage to common areas is covered by the COA’s master insurance, while damage to your individual condo will be covered by your individual insurance policy. Many states have laws governing how condo damage is covered. Unfortunately, this is where the potential for disputes first arises, as it’s not uncommon for the COA to try to influence the decision to avoid making any claims under its master insurance policy, preferring that you file claims on your own insurance policy instead.

What Are “Common Areas”?

Common areas are structures or land within a condo complex, a clubhouse for example, that are shared by all condo owners. The condo owners rely on each other to maintain these common areas; including, for example, cleaning up after a party. There is essentially shared ownership of these common areas. Common areas typically include areas such as:

  • Clubhouses
  • Swimming pools
  • Hallways within a common structure
  • Stairwells within a common structure
  • Parts of shared interior walls
  • Exterior walls and roofs
  • HVAC units
  • Electrical units

Common areas are typically defined clearly by the COA’s rules. State and local law may also govern what kinds of property insurance you must purchase for your condo, but generally speaking, there are two types of insurance for condo owners: (1) a master policy that covers the entire building or complex, and (2) an individual policy that protects a condo owner’s personal property and the structural elements of the unit that are not covered under the master policy.

Our Hollywood Condo Klotzman Property Damage Lawyer Explains What to Do if Your Condominium is Damaged

If your condo is damaged and requires repairs, you must document everything regarding the scene and the damage, and work closely with your COA if necessary, for the best chance at a fair claim payout.

To avoid a claim denial or an undervalued settlement, you should contact an experienced Hollywood Condo Klotzman Property Damage Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law and let them handle the insurance company. Still, you can help your attorney by doing the following:

  • Take pictures and video of your undamaged unit and personal property now, before you have a claim. Store them in a safe place and then take pictures and video of the damaged unit and personal property (i.e., “before and after”).
  • Make a list of personal property items, such as clothing, electronics, jewelry, and the like. In fact, it’s a good idea to take a comprehensive video of all of your possessions and store the video somewhere safe, like a bank safe deposit box.
  • Get witness statements.
  • Note the time and date the damage occurred.
  • Gather receipts and purchase documents. 

Insurance companies will not pay out without evidence of condo damage. The more evidence you can gather, the stronger your claim will be.

How a Hollywood Condo Property Damage Lawyer at Our Firm Can Help

Even if you have collected a mass of evidence, insurance adjusters may still try to unfairly deny or undervalue your claim. Their job, after all, is to pay out as little as they can get away with. If your claim has been denied or undervalued, let a Hollywood Condo Property Damage Lawyer help. We can:

  • Verify the extent of your coverage. It’s important, but difficult, to assess what damage is COA damage and what damage is personal damage. We have the expertise to examine your documents and make sure your coverage is fair and proper.
  • Investigate your claim. Insurance companies like to conduct their own investigation. However, we can conduct an investigation that is fair to you and within the parameters of your policy.
  • Negotiate a fair settlement. Defending a condo property insurance claim in court is expensive and tedious for insurance companies. We can help negotiate a fair settlement to ensure you receive at least the amount of money it takes to make necessary repairs.

The bottom line is, we’ll help you recover the maximum amount of financial compensation you’re entitled to.

Contact Us Today for Help With Your Condo Insurance Claim

Condo insurance claims are complicated, partly because there are usually two types of policies involved. A Hollywood Condo Property Damage Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law can help. We offer free consultations, same-day return calls and emails, a multilingual staff, and cutting-edge technology. Suing insurance companies is all we do. We will give your matter exceptionally personal attention, and we operate on a contingency fee basis. Contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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