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Let a Hollywood Business Interruption Attorney Help With Your Insurance Matter

One of the nightmare scenarios of a business is the kind of accident or catastrophic event that causes damages serious enough to shut the business down while repairs are being made. Small businesses are particularly susceptible to this kind of damage, as they rarely have the resources to relocate, even temporarily. In recent years, business interruption claims for coronavirus are on the rise – and a Hollywood business interruption lawyer can help with these claims.

What Exactly is a Business Interruption Claim?

When a business suffers damages, such as fire, theft, flooding, and, for Florida businesses, in particular, hurricanes, the business interruption from this substantial damage may be as bad or even worse than the damage itself. Essentially, there are two critical aspects of a business loss claim: (1) the property damage and/or losses, and (2) the resulting business interruption. Regarding the first aspect, damage to business property is not all that uncommon and is generally handled through your business insurance policy. 

However, when the damage is significant enough that your business cannot keep functioning on a daily basis, this can result in a complete business loss and/or bankruptcy. Unless, of course, you’ve had the foresight to purchase business interruption insurance. If your business finds itself in dire straights due to uncommonly serious damage, let a Hollywood Business Insurance Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law help.

Why You Need Business Interruption Insurance in Florida 

Like everything in business, business interruption insurance requires a cost/risk analysis. Business interruption insurance isn’t typically included in your business insurance policy, but usually comes in the form of a clause, or rider, in a general policy that, of course, adds cost to your monthly premiums. So, you have to ask yourself: how likely is it that my business will be damaged enough to shut me down, and is it worth the extra money to protect myself from that?

Put another way, ask yourself two questions: (1) do I have the resources to get through a temporary move or shutdown in the event of catastrophic damage? And (2) how likely is there to be a catastrophe in my area that would cause sufficient damage to shut me down? If the answer to question one is “yes,” maybe you don’t need to spend the extra money. However, if the answer to question one is “no,” then the answer to question two becomes critical.

Although some catastrophes, such as fire or theft, cannot be predicted, some catastrophes are more likely in certain areas. If, for example, your company is in a building alongside a known fault line, then the chances of an earthquake are relatively high. In Florida, we know there will be hurricanes. Business interruption insurance for Florida businesses seems like a good idea. The key is understanding your coverage policy well enough to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s where a Hollywood Business Interruption Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law can help. Still, there are some key concepts to understand.

Be Aware of What Types of Damages Are Covered Under Your Business Interruption Insurance Policy

Your policy should lay out exactly what types of disasters are covered, or at least list the types that are not covered. In Florida, business interruption insurance is not much good if it doesn’t cover hurricanes, or water, and wind damage.

Understand the “Period of Restoration”

Your policy will only payout for the loss of business income during the “period of restoration,” which is commonly defined as the reasonable length of time required to rebuild, repair, or replace damaged business property. The period of restoration starts when the damage occurs and ends when the property is repaired, or should have been repaired with diligent effort.

You Need a Hollywood Business Interruption Lawyer to Calculate the Actual Loss

Your policy will only payout if the policyholder suffers an actual business interruption leading specifically to business income loss. Furthermore, the loss is subject to the policy limits that apply to the specific location of the damage and, as discussed above, the type of catastrophe that leads to the loss.

Contact a Hollywood Business Interruption Lawyer for Help Today

Unfortunately, business interruption insurance is very complex and detailed, as the insurance company fashions the complicated language to avoid paying off your claim. Let a Hollywood Business Insurance Lawyer at Klotzman Property Damage Law help you understand exactly what’s covered in your policy and fight for your rights if the insurance company tries to deny, delay, or undervalue your claim. 

Our Hollywood business interruption attorneys offer unusually personal attention, along with cutting-edge technology, a multilingual staff, and a same-day return messages policy. All we do is issue insurance companies, and we work on a contingency basis. Contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

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